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PDF Compressor Server

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PDF Compressor Server is a Windows application that can monitor one or more folders for newly added PDF files and compress them into smaller PDF files in LAN (Local Area Network). With PDF Compressor Server, users can monitor network shared folders and compress PDF files instantly when new files are added. They can also choose to delete the original files in the folders after compressing, or move them to a new location. The monitored folder can be shared in LAN, so that all users in the network can copy their PDFs to the shared folder for the PDF Compressor Server to process.


  • Automatically monitor folders & compress PDF files in them instantly
  • Support both scanned PDF and text PDF files
  • Monitor multiple network shared folders in LAN
  • Option to delete original PDF files or move to new location
  • Search sub-folders of monitored folders
  • Create same folder names in output folder
  • Customize suffix of compressed output PDF file names
  • Customize DPI and compressing quality ratio
  • Pause and resume the monitoring process
  • Option to customize the output folder location

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